So why prototypes?

This is the question we get most often.

The Ogo is award-winning, technology and demand for it is growing every day. We know you want to see them go into production. But right now, we only have one of them.

It was originally developed around Marcus’ needs.

However during the last 5 months of testing with varying levels of disabilities we’ve realised with a few design adjustments, it can help many, many others. So by fundraising for the new prototypes we can confirm that we have the ultimate machine before we go into production later in the year.

And we ARE planning to go into production!

The initial target of our campaign is US$240,000 – US$260,000. With this amount, we’ll be able to build the prototypes and ensure the Ogo is as affordable as we can make it, with the best functionality we can give it.

If we manage to raise more, those funds will be put towards production costs and getting these machines out into the world sooner rather than later.

-Kevin and the Ogo team



Crowdfunding announcement

We Promised a very special announcement in December, and today we’re very pleased to let you know that the Ogo will be coming to Indiegogo very soon!

Why crowdfunding?

2015 was an incredible year for the Ogo. We launched our explainer video and had over a million views on our YouTube channel. The story got picked up by news outlets all over the world exposing our technology to several million more eyes.

We won two innovation contests, and we also built a mailing list of supporters – many of whom have been asking us when they can get their hands on an Ogo.

And there’s our dilemma: right now, there is one Ogo in the entire world. From our last 5 months of testing our team has been really impressed with how it works for differing levels of disability, however we want to make it even easier to use to fully appreciate the Ogo’s potential.

So before we go into production latter in the year, we need to build and test 5 new prototypes.

And that’s why we’re crowdfunding.
How you can help

Thanks for your support – it’s blown us away

-Kevin and the Ogo team