So why prototypes?

This is the question we get most often.

The Ogo is award-winning, technology and demand for it is growing every day. We know you want to see them go into production. But right now, we only have one of them.

It was originally developed around Marcus’ needs.

However during the last 5 months of testing with varying levels of disabilities we’ve realised with a few design adjustments, it can help many, many others. So by fundraising for the new prototypes we can confirm that we have the ultimate machine before we go into production later in the year.

And we ARE planning to go into production!

The initial target of our campaign is US$240,000 – US$260,000. With this amount, we’ll be able to build the prototypes and ensure the Ogo is as affordable as we can make it, with the best functionality we can give it.

If we manage to raise more, those funds will be put towards production costs and getting these machines out into the world sooner rather than later.

-Kevin and the Ogo team



2 thoughts on “So why prototypes?

  1. Praying that you hit your funding goal quickly. I’m looking forward to finding out how much I’ll need to raise to purchase my own ogo so that I can be a more active mom and finally take my son to all the places that we can not go with a standard push chair. Our Doctors, community, mobility store owner, and many more are also looking forward to us showing them the ogo in person and with personal experience stories to share with others that will be able to get there life back with there own ogo!

    Thank you for all the hard work you and your team are putting into this and for the first time my son is not dreading the wheelchair that lays somewhere in his future as well (Him and I both have Ehlers-Danlos and I also have MS. He knows that he will end up in a wheelchair like me, but he is now no longer worried after I showed him your ogo that we will hopefully get for myself, and then for him once he has reached that point in his health)


  2. I really love your project and I hope that your Ogo will become available in Europe too! I can only dream of a wheelchair like the Ogo! Good luck with the development and please let me know when your chair is available in the Netherlands! 😉


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