Ogo at Indiegogo!


If you’ve been keeping up with Ogo news you’ll know that we’ve been planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to develop the Ogo into a machine fit for the widest possible range of disabilities.

We’ve just launched that campaign, and we thought you’d like to know. http://igg.me/at/ogotech

Your support in the early stages of this campaign would mean the world to us.

We know not everyone has the money for a US$40,000 prototype, but every contributor will get a place in the line to buy an Ogo when we go into production. Even a small contribution today will help you get your Ogo before they go on general sale.

You’ll also get to follow us along as we bring Ogo to everyone. We’re going to be doing regular supporter updates as we build and test the prototypes, and head into production.

The faster you get on board, the louder you are shouting to the world that you want to see the Ogo going into production.

Please, come see our Indiegogo campaign and help us make affordable Ogos a reality!




One thought on “Ogo at Indiegogo!

  1. Hello , from 18 to 21 May 2016 at the fair in Bologna ( IT ) there will Exposanità dedicated to the world of disability and sanitaria.Spero that you are staying so I try to make my 8 years your great Ogo . Best regards. Lorenzo Santoro


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