Campaign closed

A big thank you to everyone who donated to our Indiegogo campaign! Its clear Ogo has many passionate supporters. But sadly we didn’t quite hit the target.
We have decided not to extend the campaign time and you should all be expecting you refund from Indiegogo. So where to from here?…

We are continuing to work on finding the right business model that will get us into production as soon as possible, and that means finding the right funding support that shares our vision of keeping the Ogo affordable.

We are still just as enthusiastic and passionate about the project, so stay with us and share the journey!

-The Ogo team

marcus on beach



Are you our miracle?

So we’re at $91,028. Of our $240,000 goal…
We have 24 hours to go and the campaign will not be extended – this is an all-or-nothing campaign.
This is it – right now, we need a miracle.
We DO still have 24 hours. And we DO have 462 amazing and awesome people who care enough to have contributed to the campaign. As well as those who have joined our mailing list and liked our Facebook page recently. Most of the contributions on the campaign so far are small ones, but even the small ones make a really big difference when there’s enough of them.
But today we’re asking: are you our miracle?
Can you send our campaign to someone who can get it more coverage? Do you know someone who might be able to buy a prototype?
Are you the one that can get us funded today?
Here’s the link to our campaign –
Either way, we’ll be in touch after we close to let you know what’s happening next.
Hoping for a miracle,
Kevin and the Ogo team

T-shirt competition!

The campaign is starting to blast along – we’re really blown away by the support we’ve been receiving and we’re working hard to get the word out even further!
We’re now over 30% – which, we’re told, is the ‘tipping point’ for crowdfunding campaigns. It means we’re more likely to succeed than fail – which I’ll tell you, is a bit of a relief!
Calling All Designers!
We’ve had people asking us for t-shirts since we started showing off our demo model. We could design one ourselves, but we also know t-shirt design isn’t our best strength.
So we’d like to offer the chance to our contributors and supporters to design an Ogo t-shirt that will be given to contributors at $100 and above. Of course, we’ll also make sure you get a few as well if your design is the one we select.
We’ve got all our logo files in a Dropbox folder which you’re welcome to download here. If you’re keen to send us a submission, we’ll need it by5pm NZT on April 5 2016.
The t-shirt will be exclusive to contributors – we’d really love to give out a perk that is designed for our community, by our community.
To submit a design, email it to with the subjecct ‘T-Shirt Submission’ by 5pm NZT on April 5 2016.
Shout it out!
We really need your help to push this campaign further. Remember, this campaign doesn’t fund and go ahead unless we meet our goal of $240,000 by 8 April. 
If we don’t get there in time, your money will be refunded and we see nothing.
If that happens, we’ll have to take the Ogo to private investors, and that will change our business model. At the moment we’d like to offer production Ogos at a cost of under US$13,000 each, but if we have to get investment on board, we envision this price will be much higher.
So if you want to see the Ogo available at the best possible price, please tell everyone you can about it!
Questions, feedback, issues…
We’re here for you! If you have any issues, questions, or feedback, we’d love to hear it.
You can always shoot a message through to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Thanks again for getting on board – it really means the world to us!
-Kevin and the Ogo team

Keeping the Ogo affordable…

Thank you for your support over the first few days of our campaign, now the question we are getting the most, is how much will a production model cost? and the truth is, we don’t know yet. There are a number of factors that influence that amount, including how successful this campaign is.
We can estimate at this stage, that our first production units should be well under half the price of the prototypes. THIS CAN BE SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED by the amount of support we get. If enough people can put in just a little bit, it means saving thousands on the final cost price.
And don’t for get, everyone that helps us gets the opportunity to buy an Ogo before they are available to the public!

So share our Indiegogo campaign!
Help us get this technology affordable!


Ogo at Indiegogo!


If you’ve been keeping up with Ogo news you’ll know that we’ve been planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to develop the Ogo into a machine fit for the widest possible range of disabilities.

We’ve just launched that campaign, and we thought you’d like to know.

Your support in the early stages of this campaign would mean the world to us.

We know not everyone has the money for a US$40,000 prototype, but every contributor will get a place in the line to buy an Ogo when we go into production. Even a small contribution today will help you get your Ogo before they go on general sale.

You’ll also get to follow us along as we bring Ogo to everyone. We’re going to be doing regular supporter updates as we build and test the prototypes, and head into production.

The faster you get on board, the louder you are shouting to the world that you want to see the Ogo going into production.

Please, come see our Indiegogo campaign and help us make affordable Ogos a reality!



So why prototypes?

This is the question we get most often.

The Ogo is award-winning, technology and demand for it is growing every day. We know you want to see them go into production. But right now, we only have one of them.

It was originally developed around Marcus’ needs.

However during the last 5 months of testing with varying levels of disabilities we’ve realised with a few design adjustments, it can help many, many others. So by fundraising for the new prototypes we can confirm that we have the ultimate machine before we go into production later in the year.

And we ARE planning to go into production!

The initial target of our campaign is US$240,000 – US$260,000. With this amount, we’ll be able to build the prototypes and ensure the Ogo is as affordable as we can make it, with the best functionality we can give it.

If we manage to raise more, those funds will be put towards production costs and getting these machines out into the world sooner rather than later.

-Kevin and the Ogo team


Crowdfunding announcement

We Promised a very special announcement in December, and today we’re very pleased to let you know that the Ogo will be coming to Indiegogo very soon!

Why crowdfunding?

2015 was an incredible year for the Ogo. We launched our explainer video and had over a million views on our YouTube channel. The story got picked up by news outlets all over the world exposing our technology to several million more eyes.

We won two innovation contests, and we also built a mailing list of supporters – many of whom have been asking us when they can get their hands on an Ogo.

And there’s our dilemma: right now, there is one Ogo in the entire world. From our last 5 months of testing our team has been really impressed with how it works for differing levels of disability, however we want to make it even easier to use to fully appreciate the Ogo’s potential.

So before we go into production latter in the year, we need to build and test 5 new prototypes.

And that’s why we’re crowdfunding.
How you can help

Thanks for your support – it’s blown us away

-Kevin and the Ogo team